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  • Jake Ball

Top 3 XBOX ONE Games Right Now

A list of the top 3 games around the world right now...


This game from the start seemed to take the world by storm over night. The fact that the game is actually free probably had something to do with this.

The Xbox One game store and the playstation store both have this game available to download. The game has grown from a free download to over 250 million people playing the game. In my opinion the game is something that's got something for just about anyone. It's got all the different characters to suit people, as well as both genders and different 'monster' like people.

i haven't really spent to much time playing the game, i have probably spent about 5-10 hours doing different things on the game. From what i have seen and done on the game, its easy to navigate around the menu's and get into a game mode. One thing that i never really looked into is the add-on's that you can buy through the online market. I would think that if you wanted to try and be good at this game then you would need to get some add-on's and buy extra in game features.

My rating: 7.5/10

2. FIFA 20

Que the slightly biased review...

This game since i can remember has been the game that i either enjoy the most, or have just been good at. I'd probably be wrong to say this is the best game on the market, but it does seem as though every year the game just gets bigger and bigger.

The main feature on the game has to be Ultimate Team. This game mode has been the same sort of concept for years, but it just seems like year on year they manage to create little new things that make it worth a play. Of course it has also been made better by certain players either having amazing stats, or they have moved to another league which means they now link up with other players better. Again, just like other games this does have the in game purchases that you probably need to be better than everyone else. you can buy FIFA POINTS which give you the chance to buy players packs and play competitions. Without this, the only real way you will get coins for players is by playing LOADS of games, or you would have to get lucky and get some amazing packs that you open every week.

Other game modes include the career mode and VOLTA (a poor remake of FIFA street). i personally only really spend my time playing the FUT mode, but if you dont have the time for that then you can definitely spend time doing career mode and work your way through some seasons with the team you support.

My Rating: 9.5/10


As always there's COD. This game has been and probably always will be one of the best games on the market for people all over the world. over 300 million people have played this game since its release in august last year, thats pretty decent by anyone's standards. they tried to make the game darker than it has been before trying to capture the imagination of people into not just playing the game, but also thinking that it could be real one day.

i would be lying if i said i liked the game as a whole, because i dont. i dont mind playing campaign mode, but the online side of the franchise has never really been something that's interested me a great deal. loads of people though are the complete opposite to me.

theres not really much for me to say about the game in truth. the franchise model is very good and i think that the games very successful and the way they manage to change the game play everytime to suit the audience that they have is amazing. if they just had a few different game mode that you could chill on and be less intense all the time then i think i would be more interested in playing the game.

My Rating: 6.5/10

Thank you for taking the time to read my first gaming blog. i will hopefully soon find the time to create some gaming content and upload it to social media and the website.

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