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  • Jake Ball

Real Madrid Win Spanish Super Cup On Penalties

This one has definitely baffled me a bit. I was under the assumption that the game would be in Spain. Why have they taken this over seas? Its basically an FA Cup final, it doesn't need to be played in the desert at all.


This one seemed to be a tight game all the way through. Athletico like to try and sit back in the bigger games and be hard to beat and this is the approach they went for again here. Real Madrid ended the game with a pretty decent 66% possession, putting together 846 passes over the 120 minutes that they played.

Extra time and penalties seemed to be the only was this one was going to be decided. Both teams in front of goal didn't really make the most of the chances they had, meaning only 5 shots per team actually hit the target.

The final score from the penalty shootout was 4-1 to Real Madrid. Kieran Trippier ended up being the only player on the loosing side to score a penalty, but by the time he stepped up to the spot his team were already 3-0 down. There was only one man to score the winning penalty in the end and that was captain fantastic Sergio Ramos, he just keeps scoring from the spot when called upon. Who needs Cristiano Ronaldo anyway eh?

Real Madrid Spanish Super Cup Champions 2020