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  • Jake Ball

Manchester's Blue Again

It hasn't taken long for Manchester United fans to realise they are still in the same situation they were 2 months ago. The team wasn't up to scratch and they really didn't put up any sort of a fight in the first half of the game at all. The Man City attack didn't really even have to be that good on the day to do what they did.

This picture for me says a lot of things. First of all, no matter what happens at the club they will always be one of the most famous in the world and the fans turn up week in week out no matter how bad it gets. You can see in the background of the picture, the stands are packed. Then on the other hand, non of the Man United defenders are even close to making life difficult for the Bernardo Silva when he takes the shot at goal, its just so easy for him. There is just such a contrast in what the fans expect every week and what the players who are at the club can actually do when they are out on the pitch.

The second half got a little bit better for united, they of course scored the goal. But realistically they didn't have much to shout about, the Man City players dropped off and didn't have to do an awful lot to keep the game where it was. If they really wanted, they could have scored 6 or 7 on the day. This wasn't Manchester Uniteds finest hour at all.